Quality Control and Quality Assurance Concepts

   We bring Utah’s premier experts on Pavement Design and Rehabilitation concepts and the materials used to construct them.


Construction Management and Quality Assurance/Quality Control Services
PEPG provides 20 years of experience in construction Quality Assurance, including State and Federal project documentation requirements, providing the owner with a high degree of reliability construction quality. PEPG’s in-depth experience with materials and construction services such as Independent Quality Firm (IQF), Construction Quality Control Manager (CQCM) functions and Independent Assurance will provide high quality control and evaluation of any project.

Dispute Resolution and Engineering Analysis
PEPG’s extensive experience in pavement and materials design, construction and quality oversight provides an excellent basis for the evaluation and remediation planning for pavements and other roadway elements that deviate from specifications or exhibit early distress. PEPG provides experience in forensic engineering analysis and non-conventional evaluation providing the best opportunity to demonstrate the expected performance of materials that don’t meet conventional specification. PEPG has successfully applied this approach on multiple litigation disputes.

Forensic Materials Testing & Investigation
PEPG provides experienced licensed professional engineers and certified inspectors for all Quality Assurance for Construction and Design. PEPG’s understanding of the depth of detail required for documentation on Federal and State funded projects gives assurance that projects will be documented properly prior to issuing payment minimizing risk of withdrawal of State or Federal funding.